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On June 11th the Club hosted its annual stag picnic, the only day of the year the Club hosts a male-only event. The purpose of this long-standing traditional event is to strengthen the personal ties of our membership, and not to in any way offend, insult or exclude anyone from Club facilities. Unfortunately, a member’s guest brought his daughter to this event, which was against the clearly communicated nature of the picnic. The Club is accessible to females 364 days a year and understands the negative perception by some of a male-only event; however, the Club believes the positive impact of the stag picnic on the members’ bonds and comradery outweighs the unfortunately exclusive nature of this sole male-only event. This member’s guest daughter was asked to leave the Club at that time by the member, a request not easily or lightly made. It is our hope to continue to be an open and welcoming refuge for all anglers, females and males alike, and in this endeavor the Club encourages all of its members to bring guests, regardless of gender, but also asks members to respect the nature of this one traditional event. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the stag picnic, please do not hesitate to contact the Club by clicking on the read more button, as again it is not our desire to offend anyone with this event.

Zanesfield Rod & Gun Club Board of Trustees

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